new era,

lavande entered

a new stage

of development

As the new era comes, 
Lavande has embarked on a new stage of development


Changes occur everyday

in the hospitality industry as well as in people's lifestyle.

People start to pursue personalized products and services of high quality.

Lavande has captured the opportunities following consumption upgrade and developed a sharp insight into consumer demands,

moving into a completely new stage of development

by carrying out comprehensive brand upgrading

based on previous achievements.

new image

fresh incoming

A whole new image on the way


Lavande will collaborate with top brand and space design agencies in China,

from the appearance to the ambiance of the hotel,

to integrate the most relieving element from the nature, lavender,

into the design of every detail.

Then it will provide customers with the products and services of high quality.

A whole new image is on the way.

Lush and


Flow in the

entire space

The entire space is
spacious and cozy


The amazing harmony between human and environment

is fully reflected in the artful design from the architectural appearance to lobby space.

And full support for efficient business travel will be offered anytime.

The hotel space

is filled by the sense of spaciousness and coziness,

with the delicate balance created by the subtle lavender elements.